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Dreams of Being Lost

By: Libby Pelham BA - Updated: 1 Nov 2019 | comments*Discuss
Dreams Dreaming Lost Dreams Dreaming Of

You know where you are going and you think you have taken the correct route. But suddenly nothing looks familiar. You look around to try to locate where you need to be, but you feel disoriented. You even ask someone for directions, but when you try to follow the directions, they seem to make no sense. You cannot even retrace your steps to return to your starting point!

Did you ever have a dream like that? A dream in which you are sure you know where you are going, only to find yourself lost? Having a dream of being lost is very common. It can make you feel confused and irritated when you cannot find the right way to where you want to go. Some dreams may include looking for a lost friend. What is the “lost” dream all about? How does it reflect upon what is going on in our real lives? Can we learn from dreams like this?

Losing Your Way
Dreams of being lost can vary and have many different meanings. The type of dream mentioned above is your mind’s way of telling you that you have lost your way in life. Are you paying attention to what is really important in life, or are insignificant things draining you of all your time and attention? If so, you may be losing focus of the big picture. Stop and re-evaluate your life. Make sure that significant areas in your life – marriage, children, and spirituality – are not being ignored because you have no time for them.

Unfamiliar Surroundings
Another “lost” dream scenario is similar to the first one, but this time, you may find yourself in a scary neighbourhood. You are so frightened to be there that stopping to ask for directions is not a possibility. The only thing you want to do is get home, but no matter which way you turn, you cannot seem to find your way. You may awaken scared and fearful. This type of lost dream may signify a difficult decision with which you are being faced. One route may be familiar, but keep you from what you really want. The other route may be unfamiliar, but ultimately will be more satisfying.

Look at your life closely to see what decisions may be making you uncomfortable. For example, maybe you are thinking of leaving your hometown of many years to move closer to family. While the prospect of leaving something as familiar to you as your hometown is scary, the ability to be closer to family – both physically and emotionally – will be a greater payoff in the end. Maybe you are thinking about leaving a job that is boring, but comfortable to start a new career, doing something you love, but with an unpredictable future. Look closely at your choices to see which one would ultimately make you happier. It is always frightening to leave the familiar, but the payoff of an important change could be immense.

Losing Someone Important
Yet another type of lost dream is one in which you lose someone important to you. Maybe you are shopping and you lose a friend and spend the dream searching for them. Of course, you never find them in your dream and you wake up feeling frustrated and sad. The meaning of this type of “lost” dream is pretty clear-cut. Think of people in your life and determine if there is someone important, with which you have lost contact. Examine why that person is no longer in your life. It may be that the reason you lost contact with them now seems petty. If so, contacting that person may put your mind at ease.

Dreams of being lost can be scary – after all, no one likes to feel like they are wandering aimlessly and cannot find their way home. Take time to examine your life, re-evaluate your priorities, see what pressing decisions you have to deal with or what friendships have been lost and for what reasons. If you can sort through those feelings, you may find your dreams of being lost going vanishing.

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Hi, i have dreamt of being with a friend. We were waiting for a transportation/jeepney to ride home but no car seems to go in the destination we wanted so we decided that we'll go in my old house to sleep there. When we arrived the place doesnt look very familiar but my friend seems to know it, i later called my mok asking for help, she gave us directions and advices but nothing seemed to work until we just waited there and waited
Tin - 1-Nov-19 @ 1:26 AM
I dreamed I was walk to a place, felt like home, and I what what get lost, looking back I see where I need to be, but trying to get there the more I get lost lost, and there is always alot of people, funny I don't even ask for directions. Same dream happened I was in a mall, and don't know where I need to be, but always see the way and can't get to it. Other time was in a train, seeing my train but couldn't get to it, and end up leaving.??
Keak - 18-Oct-19 @ 5:57 PM
HI, I had a bad dream and i heard myself crying with a sound of my voice, me and my fiancee went for vacation in my place, and we went to one location, we dropped by to my relative house and we are talking at that time, i do something inside of the house for a few hours and do expect that my boyfriend was within the compound only. I went to find him and could not find him, as he likes to go walking by himself alone sometimes, so i tried to find him around the area but could not find him anymore nor i could not contact him anymore been worried as the it rains as well, from that moment i am so helpless to find him as he lost the way going home.I'm really scared and was crying ...
CHE - 5-Oct-19 @ 11:12 AM
I had a drram last night that I was driving during the night and somewhat got lost. I wasn't sure where i was coming from, but i felt scared that something or someone might appear out of nowhere. Also, I'm still learning to drive in waking life ??
Lorns - 28-Sep-19 @ 1:09 PM
I dreamt last night that I went to a bar with boyfriend that we often went to (but it doesn't look like it at all). We decided to go home but we didn't find any means of transportation, so we decided to walk home with me guiding the way home (I said I'm familiar of the way home), even if we weren't sure how to go home. We were walking to a familiar highway (but really doesn't look like the highway in reality) and people coming home from work were walking with us. There was a girl who we saw who placed an ice in her lunchbox and hoping to take home. We pass a highway with the houses on the side that we were walking and we saw kids and teens playing outside the streets, where we even saw one male kid playing volleyball, and was hitting the ball so high we can still see it fly from afar. We also took another route where we saw of a place (a private resort that looks like a log cabin) we can consider our wedding reception venue. We walked through an intersection with elevated U-turn, when I got confused where to go. Finally, I saw jeepneys passing by, and we walked to the corner where there are jeepneys passing by enroute to my boyfriend's house, and the other route going to my house. I told my boyfriend he should go home, and likewise, but he was insisting I go to their house instead so we could rest there, since his house route was shorter than mine. The ambiance of the dream was light, I laughed a lot of times (my boyfriend was awake playing video games and he hear me laugh while sleeping), and it was late afternoon setting. I woke up without deciding where will I go.
Kai - 25-Sep-19 @ 6:45 AM
I dreamt last night that I went to a bar with boyfriend that we often went to (but it doesn't look like it at all). We decided to go home but we didn't find any means of transportation, so we decided to walk home with me guiding the way home (I said I'm familiar of the way home), even if we weren't sure how to go home. We were walking to a familiar highway (but really doesn't look like the highway in reality) and people coming home from work were walking with us. There was a girl who we saw who placed an ice in her lunchbox and hoping to take home. We pass a highway with the houses on the side that we were walking and we saw kids and teens playing outside the streets, where we even saw one male kid playing volleyball, and was hitting the ball so high we can still see it fly from afar. We also took another route where we saw of a place (a private resort that looks like a log cabin) we can consider our wedding reception venue. We walked through an intersection with elevated U-turn, when I got confused where to go. Finally, I saw jeepneys passing by, and we walked to the corner where there are jeepneys passing by enroute to my boyfriend's house, and the other route going to my house. I told my boyfriend he should go home, and likewise, but he was insisting I go to their house instead so we could rest there, since his house route was shorter than mine. The ambiance of the dream was light, I laughed a lot of times (my boyfriend was awake playing video games and he hear me laugh while sleeping), and it was late afternoon setting. I woke up without deciding where will I go.
Kai - 25-Sep-19 @ 6:45 AM
I had a dream where I was running from wolf's but then they left. I was on my way home but when I got to my street I teleported(?) to a different neighborhood that I have never seen. There was my friends I asked for directions and when I followed the directions I ended up at the same place. I was confused on to why that was happening. Then I woke up. I don’t know what that means. Also I have never moved.
Monse - 9-Sep-19 @ 2:57 AM
I have had the same dream twice, the first time was a while ago and it happened again last night. In my dream it starts in a grey office building floor, I am not sure where I am trying to go, but I know it isn't here. I walk across the office floor and open a grey door, it opens easily and I walk through and I enter a pool, like how a pool is set up at a hotel, its also not where I need to be, so I walk across a pool deck, and I go through another grey door, it opens easily, and I enter a McDonalds, (weird). Its not where I wanna be, so I walk across and go through another grey door. Its a small grey office, I ask the lady at the desk where the room is I need to go to, She just points at the door. I woke up then before my dream went through the door.
lfrt - 29-Aug-19 @ 7:06 PM
hi i have a dream where i was with my bosslady and we were looking nor waiting for our bossman who was on the meeting but while waiting for him my bosslady told me to go to the carshe will follow me .. then when i go to the car hell broke loose when i saw my self walking in narrow scary places. steps i took was not strong enough, and i found myself walking in difficulthigh places..
Lethu - 19-Aug-19 @ 11:08 AM
i have had two dreams that me confused. the first i am at a picnic with my sister i believe.( i dont see myself or her, its like im watching it from my own eye view or something). in my dream i know there more or there should be more people around but i dont see them.although i dont see my sister either it like shes next to me but im looking forward.she tells me abount wanting to go back with the ex and i tell her bad idea.all of sudden were inna car being washed through the windshieldi can see my aunt and cousin but they just stare. we decide to leave, sister and I, and am assuming shes driving.shes driving the car only in reverse which in my dream i ask why and get no answer.she drives through two parking lots like that and then as she exists the parking lot she parks on the street.as were getting out i ask where we were and wake up. the second dream, i arrive at a building filled with people, but for some reason we have to get ready to leave.I am waiting for this man to finish packing a little boys stuff so i can take him with me.The little boy is sick and i want to take him to the near by clinic.as i wait for him i walk back and forth from the door to where the little boy is and notice i cant take any of the pathways available.i get a sense that i cant be seen.that no one in that building can.we are either hiding or trying to get somewhere unseen.i wake up.
Mona - 16-Aug-19 @ 1:09 PM
I dreamt that I was in a boat. Someone was driving and suddenly, I found myself driving. But then I took the right track but still I was lost, and found myself in an unfamiliar place. I saw two ladies who offered to help me find my way. So I came down from the boat and followed them on foots. These girls took me to another strange waterfront and said that was the way to my destination. I wondered how I could just not trace my steps back home. Other boats where passing but I couldn't ask for more help. I felt so helpless and that was how I woke up
Jeddy - 16-Aug-19 @ 7:12 AM
i had a very weird and disturbing dream last night if anyone can help me interpret it i would be so grateful so let me start just so everyone knows right now i very rarely dream and remember it so i was being chased by something or someone around several abandon buildings for awhile that suddenly turned into streets and then i was running down the streets carrying my running shoes running barefoot i was trying to get away from someone so I keep going into hidden alleys trying to get away from them but they followed me then when i went down anther ally i was suddenly in my old house where i use to live when i was married i was in the front room standing and it was dark inside the house and it was night time so it was also dark outside and then i was sitting in a chair looking out the window then the next thing i know my ex sister in law is talking to me only i can't see her or hear what she is saying its like it was just her presence there then suddenly her presence is gone and my ex-husband is standing there only he is just looking at me then he is gone and that is when i wake up with a sense of sadness and very upset feelings if anyone can help me understand this dream i would be so grateful
sarah pattison - 25-Jul-19 @ 4:35 PM
I dreamed that I had to ask a friend to drive me home in my car because I suddenly became to tired to drive.Then I ended up at an old one stop store My friend was suddenly gone and my car then my husband appeared and was talking to these guys looking on their phone at some woman they wanted him to meet and hecwas saying how nice she looked so I got angry then he disappeared It got worse from their I left walkin thinking I knew my way home but couldnt get their I was lost then these wemon showed up and I ask them for help I ended. Up having to fight all of them during the whole dream I kept asking these people to call my mother in law I fealt in the dream she was the only one who could help me but nobody would call in the end of the dream I found my self at a biker bar with only men I asked them to help me. And one of them said yes then I woke up.
Tina - 10-Jul-19 @ 6:07 PM
I was running in a road while it is midnight. Then somehow the road I was running to was getting darker and darker. Then all of a sudden, I feel that I got lost along the way. Then I remember a word "You must never go to the place of no return. For once you got there, there's no way to save you" and I tried to trace back my steps but nothing seems familiar to me. That's when I recognized that the place I was, was the place of no return. I cried and screamed for help but no one seems to be there except for an old man with a stick asking if I was lost. And when I told him that I was lost he told me no one will ever come to you for this was the place of no return. I asked him what shall I do to return to the real world and he told me to help him. I tried my best to help him to the point that he told me that he was once like me but when help was there for him he brushed him off and therefore he didn't return and stayed there for years. But he told me perhaps I can return because of who am I. And so he told me to never return to this place or else nobody can save me anymore. He holds my cheeks and I was envelop by light and returned to the world I was once were and saw my family searching for me.
Ayumu - 5-Jul-19 @ 5:11 AM
I had a dream where we were getting close to the last day of school, but everything was a little off. Like I had brought all of my stuff even though we couldn’t use our lockers. Then in second period gym, we weren’t supposed to dress out, so we didn’t. But then afterwords we changed into our gym clothes. When I realized I had forgotten some of my stuff in gym, I went back to get it with my friend who didn’t even notice we were wearing gym clothes. I went back to gym, and there was a giant fan that wasn’t there before. I talked to the gym teachers about the gym clothes and they acted like it was normal. So I left without my stuff, I know it was around this time that my phone was switched with another girls, we had 2,3,&4th period together so I knew it was around this time. I went about my day I didn’t really see the rest of the day. After school I went to text my dad. I was walking home, well partially at least. And there was this shopping center right around the school I was supposed to go to so he could pick me up. I’ve done this a million times so I knew were to go. But when I got my phone out of my jacket pocket, it wasn’t mine, it was this girls. I realized that we had accidentally switched phones during the day, and then she appeared next to me. I told her to give me phone and she was surprised but when she looked into her pocket she my phone was there. So we switched phones.I don’t know why but the crossing guards were letting ya take a different turn today. Usually we weren’t allowed to but they let us. I knew it would be faster to get to the shopping center if I went this way, so I did. We were now going around the school instead of going through the school. And the this random guard started walking behind us with a bunch of little kids. The shopping center was straight ahead or so I thought. I never got there. Instead I was in some bus with all theese kids and that guy driving it. I asked the girl if she knew where we were, and she said “ yes there is trouble” pointing to a sign that said trouble. I frantically started texting my dad, but nothing fake out right it was just a jumble of letters, all the while was when the guy driving said “ if any of you have younger siblings back there is where they would be causing a commotion”he was talking about the elementary school behind my school. When I sent my dad my gibberish, I looked behind me down the isles. I looked but there was no back if the bus, it just kept going back. I started to realize that if I walked back, I’d find the school. So I started walking back but the bus never ended. I sat on the floor with my head in my knees, and woke up in my bed confused. It was one of those dreams that seem so real. And when you close your eyes in them, and then you open them you back in bed, lying in bed confused. At this point I was texting my dad on a phone that wasn’t there. I don’t know, I was really confused. Thanks for reading all of this if you did, it’s really long. But I hope you e
Potato - 30-Jun-19 @ 2:57 PM
i had a dream that there was some virusthat makes you act all wierd and zombie like , my brother, mother , and sister disapeared and it was only me in this big house and my stepdad stood outside crying and i couldnt let him in because he was infected and there was an army outside begging me to come with them but i did t trust them and this black cat was always with me
liz - 20-Jun-19 @ 9:00 AM
I keep dreaming of being lost in my hometown.trying to find the right bus stop to go home. I keep cutting through buildings to find the right exit to get to my bus stop. then that's it.
Nance - 31-May-19 @ 7:47 PM
I dreamt I was at sea world, some odd reason I was taking a nap when i woke up and a baby was next to me. I picked him up. Next thing I know I was outside SeaWorld lost trying to get back to sea world. I was frantic, I didn't know why I still had this baby, I wanted to bring him back and I had a boy with me that was very slow. I just wanted the baby back. This was my strangest dream.
Cher - 26-May-19 @ 3:50 PM
I dreamt that my classmates and I were in a car and one of my classmates were driving me home. They dropped me off by a gate that looked somehow familliar to my grandmother’s hometown gate, but when I got through the gate, there were three paths I had to take. The middle path was a dead end, and it looked like some trash was on that path. It looked really short too. I took the middle path first and of course, I just saw trash. Then I turned to the left part. It was really scary and dark, but I kept walking. I kept walking and walking until I found a few streetlights that are kind of dying, and I saw a few houses with no lights at all. The neighbourhood looked really scary, dark, and unfamilliar but I just kept on walking hoping I’d find my house. Then the dream ended. I never took the right path. The right path looked like a really long path and It looked like a pain to walk in that path... and I always wonder what the right path would’ve given me.
lucidlips - 11-Apr-19 @ 12:18 PM
I dreamt That I was driving my car in a very narrow road. It almost felt like it was a car chase me from the back.I saw it overturn and I ended up in the place where everyone was rushing trying to find your way there with the new road is wide and narrow and I wasn’t sure which way to go so I saw a guy was having a wee in public just by the corner. I am still on the way to where I was going and told me to go back inside and follow the narrow road. I went back inside , I knew where the narrow toad was but I was struggling to get to it Or to find it.
Bee - 17-Mar-19 @ 7:47 AM
I had dreamt of being lost in unfamiliar surrounding and j am unable to make any kind of contact with my family but after being asked the people therethey lend me a helping hand offered me food and shown me the right path to return to my home
Vital pulp - 10-Feb-19 @ 2:59 AM
I had a dream that I went to a big out door party with my friends and girlfriend and I saw nearly everyone I loved there (my parents, family members, a ton of friends, people I knew etc), everyone was having a good time then all of a sudden I saw my girlfriend just walk away whilst she was on the phone, after a while people in the party were slowly disappearing to a point where no one was there. I was all by myself. I looked around for ages and for some reason I was wearing different cloths to what I was wearing earlier, I checked my phone and the time went back a day, I realised I had gone to the past. I was stuck in time and couldn’t see anyone. I then travelled home so quickly to try and get into my house but it wasn’t letting me get in. A lot of people were trying to get in the building for some reason. After a while I saw my little sister crying and running around, she told me that everyone had disappeared so I explained to her that we were stuck in time. It broke my heart to see the way she was suffering, I told her we were going to go on a mission to get back to the present and get everyone back. We then went back to the same party place and tried to look around for evidence/ people and my cloths but all of a sudden we saw my Parents walking around calmly, the jist was the couldn’t hear or see us. We were desperately trying to gain there attention but it was useless, I remember falling to the floor crying in my dreams. Then we managed to find a type of portal that would skip forward the day. We went through it and before we could say anything we started seeing people but people we weren’t familiar with, I still never saw my girlfriend and loved ones at all. Me and my sister went home to my parents and they still never talked to us. I checked my phone and it was still the same day. My sister was shocked and so was I. The dream felt so real, when I woke up I was full of tears and feeling the exact same way as I was in the dream, probably one of the most horrible feelings I’ve felt. I know what it’s like to lose someone close to me, but when I lost everyone, you can imagen. What I do wanna point out is that my sister was with me the whole time in the dream but we haven’t had the best relationship during our teenage years in real life. I felt so close to her in the dream, it was that brother and sister love.
Pabz - 3-Feb-19 @ 11:58 PM
At first I wake up just like a normal morning but since my mom always knocks on my door for me to wake up she came to my room and so my father and sibling. I was just looking at phone and playing with it. Then after some time I saw myself walking with one of my female classmate in the hallway and as I was walking I saw a really big scary cat. And I still remember that the cats eyes where a bit off and asymmetrical. And it was on the roof of the other building and it was only sitting in there and doing nothing. Then I saw my friend's brother will we're walking. And when we are about to pass the cat which is still on the roof of the other building. A chat suddenly occur to me. Saying things that a foreign country blah blah. I don't quite understand it but it's clear that a epidimic about cats have occured. So we walk away from the cat and as we are heading to our ways. 3 cats is running towards me and the cat on the middle jumps on me. I clearly saw the hand of my friend patting the head of the cat that jumps onto me. Even just for split seconds. I fell to the ground then stand up and continue to walk. And as I was walking the other way is blocked so wr take the other route. It was so close to the store we are heading but suddenly we go to somewhere I didn't know. And surprisingly I was with my friend. Then we saw a small store but it is still close because it is so early. The other details are not so clear but I remember my friend buying something on the other store. So we find someone to hand the money to the owner. Then I wake up becuse my mom knock on my door really loudly.
DaPinkVelvet - 22-Jan-19 @ 1:29 PM
My dream was really weird. I had awoken in school and met up with really weird adults. I didn't understand what I was doing there so I decided to leave. None of the guards in my school stopped me from leaving aside from 3 classmates who did. They asked me where I was going, I said "Home". Then somehow I ended up in a hospital (?) then started to cry at some stairs going up. And from running, I apparently lost my shoes. A little boy then saw me then gave me a pair of slippers. Then I decided to go out of the said place, but before I could the little boy asked if he could join me in looking for my family, I said "Yes please". I then met up with his mother or guardian with their car and walked across the street to where my house is. But.. I was so confused since the buildings were different and when I turned to look at my house, it was still in construction. So we walked to it and entered, along the way I had asked his guardian if you would ever believe someone who was a child of a mother that had a son way back, she said no. I was so hesitant to open the door (i live in a building) and when i opened it, everything looked the same. Except there was no room where I slept at nor baby pictures of me with them. After looking around the door had opened and asked me who I was. My own father and brother doesn't remember me then I woke up hyperventilating, tired, and with tears in my eyes.
lunii - 3-Jan-19 @ 3:24 AM
For two consecutive nights I dreamt of getting lost in my own hometown. The first night I was trying to get my way home and I was right at the town center, a place which I am familiar with. However, the more I walked the more I'm getting no where. I was just going round and round. I tried to use my cell phone to get help but all I saw was an abstract screen. In the dream, it was due a shared line with my ex-husband (something to that extend though not logical) and causing me not able to make call with the phone. I continued walking and eventually I saw my ex-husband, I told him I couldn't find my way I just didn't get it. He seems to take it lightly and couldn't be bothered. I was furious and I think he should have at least tell me the directions. The second night I dreamt of losing my directions again in the same town, my own hometown. If I remember correctly, I was there for work or something, I think I was carrying my laptop. I was trying to get home but I got lost. From a place that look familiar to me to a place that is totally unfamiliar. I was going round and round again and the unfamiliar place seems unsafe. There are strangers (men) staring at me as I walked. I decided to use GRAB (company that offers ride-hailing), but I just couldn't find any applications on my cell phone. I continue walking and going round and round until finally I saw someone familiar, my relatives. I decided to walk over to join them.
BeeBee - 1-Jan-19 @ 11:27 AM
Had a dream that I was lost & couldn't find my way home, I asked people for a ride & it was always in a minute. I had a very small bike that was hard to ride & would've taken forever to get home. I woke up exhausted.
Nana - 18-Dec-18 @ 7:34 PM
Greetings to you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, amen. I dreamt and lost my way buh I know the road already but lost it all completely and then was walking with one of respectful colleague. We got to a scary place and passed there. Was still walking and couldnt locate the place. We got to a place and someone, a friendly lady volunteered to show me who will direct us to our former place (where we came from), as we were discussing, and people came around to show us the way. The way one of the guys sounded, it seems we would pass through water to get to our destination. One of the guys to take me to the place asked me if I can still remember where we were going, I said yes and explained to him buh lo and behold, I couldnt see the guy (my colleague) that was with me. I was worried and do not know where to start looking for him buh I concluded in my mind to follow them so that they show me the road. They have already started to go, when I now remembered to take that my friendly lady's phone number so that I can call her when i get to where I was going and also to ask her how much it will take me to get where I was going bcos I do not have enough cash in my purse. I was removing the password from my phone inorder to take her phone number before i woke up from sleep. Pls, what could be the meaning of this. Thank you very much and more grace
GOD IS GOOD - 12-Dec-18 @ 8:41 AM
I had this dream tonight where I was with my husband and had picked up his friend then went to get sample of plantlife then I hear cop cars and was going to move the car and left them. I tried to turn around but ended up at home where our male roommate teased me. I plugged in my phone, sat down, and a few minute later remembered I left them. Started panicking and crying trying to find them. Called our best friend ho had not heard from them and I left still upser because my husband had not contacted me. This dream jolted me awake about 10 minutes after my husband left for work.
Rachael - 7-Dec-18 @ 10:36 AM
i have dream a wonderful day and a lovely dream then turns into an exciting adventure where i always lost in a awful river which one flows rapidly and in my second dream lately it is soft then. i dont know why i dreamed of this the river is always in my dream.... please help me understand. after the river there was killing o animals or war/choas. Please i ask you a favor to email me the answer ??
kahl - 29-Nov-18 @ 11:18 PM
I have recently had this dream where I found myself in my school, confident of where I was going, then when I walked up the stairs, it looked more like the hallway at my church. The hallway was filled with people I didn’t know and I just quickly ran around the corner, to find myself in a hallway that looked like it belonged at my school. There was a classroom to my left with an unfamiliar teacher standing in the doorway. I watched a bunch of people I had never seen before walk into the classroom, but then I saw my friend walk right past me, into the room. I tried to say something to her but she walked past like I wasn’t there. Right after that is when I woke up.
Kat - 26-Nov-18 @ 12:27 PM
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