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Dreams of Losing or Finding Something

By: Libby Pelham BA - Updated: 13 Aug 2017 | comments*Discuss
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Dreams of losing something or someone can be very frustrating. You may awake feeling exhausted and aggravated after having spent what felt like the entire night looking for whatever you lost. In contrast you may awake from a dream in which you found something or someone feeling refreshed and peaceful. Both of these dreams are very common, but you need to examine them closer to truly understand their meanings.

Losing Something
Many people dream of losing every day items that are important to them – a vehicle, purse, or wallet. Without these items, they may feel lost. Not being able to find them is very exasperating.

A dream of losing something can have several meanings. One is that you feel overwhelmed and distracted with day-to-day life. This dream may be telling you that it is time to clean up and reorganise your life, not just of material things, but also of things that keep you on the run all day. Another meaning is that the lost item in your dream is actually symbolic of a lost opportunity, relationship, or part of yourself. This dream can occur when going through a big change, such as losing your job or the end of a relationship. Yet another, more common meaning of a dream of losing something is that you fear losing something in life that is important to you. This can include personal property such as your home, expensive jewellery, or family heirlooms.

The important thing to think about is what did you lose in your dream and what significance does it hold to you? Is this item really important or is it just a perceived importance? Is there anything you can do to assure that this thing is not lost? If you dream of losing personal property such as your home, it may make you feel at ease to know the property is insured, just in case of loss.

You may also dream of losing a person. If it is someone you know, how is this person important to you? You may be sensing during waking hours that they are emotionally pulling away from you, but you do not want to allow yourself to think about it. If this is a spouse or partner, they may be exhibiting subtle hints that they are not as committed to you as you would like them to be. If it is a parent, you may be worried about their health. If your mother or father has had health issues lately, even if it is nothing serious, you may dream you have lost them in the house or a public place. This is symbolic of your fear of losing them to death.

If the person lost in your dream is your spouse or partner, you might want to analyse your relationship to see where it is really going. It may help to talk to them to see if you can find out how they are feeling.

Finding Something
When you dream of finding something, you may actually be coming into contact with some aspect of yourself. You may have repressed this part of your psyche, but may find it in a dream. This can actually be a freeing experience if you finally realise that the part of you that you have found can now be presented during waking hours.

Some people believe that dreaming of finding gold is a good omen. It may be symbolic of actually finding hidden treasure within you as gold is symbolic of life, warmth, and well-being.

If you dream that you find your spouse or partner, it may be identifying new areas of your relationship. Has your relationship with this person grown or intensified lately? If so, your dream may be telling you that your relationship has gone to a new level.

Dreaming of finding something is rarely annoying, but dreaming of losing something or someone can be infuriating. Take inventory of your relationship with this person to see how the relationship has changed lately and what can be done to help ease your mind of actually losing this person in waking hours.

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My dream was i lost my handbag while i slept in platform. And i m searching it atlast i didn't found it. Again my gold chain was Snatch by a women and i found it with new one?? Is this good omen r bad??
RJ - 13-Aug-17 @ 6:18 AM
I just had a dream that my boyfriend went to our house and we eat together and he let me open his social media account then after that we go to my room then we just talk there then suddenly he kiss me .. After it happen we go out the and I saw my cousin crying so what I did is I get my cousin I started playing with my cousin but when I turn around my boyfriend already disappear so I look for him everywhere I even go back to the house then open my social media account but his name also disappeared .. So help me interpret this dream of mine .. I'm really sweating hard when I woke up ..please
Tin - 12-Aug-17 @ 7:51 AM
@Sarah - I think this is a nice dream full of good omens. You obviously have a lot of love for your boyfriend and it also shows you are picking the right people that you want in your life. The fact that everyone else pales into insignificance (apart from your co-worker who you value too and your boyfriend) means you are choosing carefully. You should be able to analyse this dream yourself too i.e have you been on the wrong track and now suddenly you find yourself on the right one? Or are you finding you are valuing the nice people in your life more? Or have you just suddenly found out you think more of your boyfriend than you previously thought. I like this dream. We don't have this sort of dream often, but when we do they mean something and they kind of stick around.
AGio - 11-Aug-17 @ 12:32 PM
I had a dream that I was weaving my way through a large crowd of people. Everyone was walking somewhere, not just standing. Everyone was gray-ish. Like all of the colors were faded and washed out. I was looking for someone, but I didn't know who. I would look at each person as we passed each other. “No, that's not who I'm looking for. “I would say to myself. Then I saw someone who's color was a little more saturated; it was one of my coworkers. he had his three children with him. (this coworker is a nice man who is always telling us at work what his family is up to on the weekends) I said to myself “I know this person, Is this who I'm looking for?” He told me he had brought his children there to play and suddenly I realized we were at a huge mall with an indoor play area.I realize that he was not who I was looking for. He asked me whatbrought me to the mall and I told him I was looking for someone. He said “good luck” in a cheerful way. Then I turned around to continue my search and standing a little ways behind me at the edge of the crowd was my boyfriend. He was in hyper focus. “There you are. This is who I was looking for.“ I thought to myself. (The relationship is new, but we really enjoy each other's company. I like him very much.) He was sharperand more detailed than HDTV and everyone around him became indistinct, almost blurry.He was super saturated, his colors were so bright. The crowd around him was already faded but their colors faded even more and became dark. My boyfriend has beautiful blue eyes, and in this dream they were so blue they were almost glowing. He was wearing light colors and he was standing there with this smirk that he gets sometimes. It was almost as if he were thinking “I was wondering how long it would take you to turn around.“ I walked toward him, full of peace and happiness. He started speaking to me, but then the dream kind of unraveled and I don't remember what he said to me or how it ended. It just seems like we spent a long time together in that place. What do you think this means?
Sarah - 11-Aug-17 @ 3:35 AM
@Arta - it obviously sounds as though you would like things to develop further with this guy you have been in contact with, but there may be some obstacles in the way preventing this. Is it because other people keep getting in the way and you can spend no time alone with him? It seems as though there are possibilities for something to develop once the bitty difficulties cease and a smooth path of communication is allowed to take its course. Best of luck!
AGio - 10-Aug-17 @ 12:09 PM
I had a dream where I was in an unknown place for me I was washing some glasses I gueess in the sink there were people all around and there was this guy that i have been contacting with he entered there and wanted to talk to me but my father was there and I made him facial expressions to let him know that he should not talk because my father didn't know who he was. He stood there near me and put his hand on my shoulder i felt good and close to him.Than he was there in that room and was looking at me all tha time but stared movingbaround the room because he didn't want my father to notice that. After all the peole left from that place it looked like a house to me i don't know. I realised my bag was missing and my selphone as well.I started looking for my phone in that room where i was washing the glasses and i got upset i didn't know were it was i thought someone might have stolen it.I went to the other room where my brother and my father were my brother rang at my phone so i vould hear it in order to see were it was.After my phone rang I realised it was there on the bed. I was happy to realise that my phone was there and not lost or stolen.
Arta - 9-Aug-17 @ 9:56 AM
@Zina - soooooo sorry to hear this. I hope you find your dog. I don't think a dream can forecast this though. Let us know if you find him.
AGio - 28-Jul-17 @ 4:15 PM
@Purememories - yes, pretty much. It means you are more in control of your life than you currently think you are! Things that might frustrate you normally will resolve easier than you think.
AGio - 28-Jul-17 @ 4:12 PM
I recently lost my dog because it was stolenand in my dream i found my dog does that mean ill find him in real life
Zina - 28-Jul-17 @ 10:24 AM
I had a dream where I was picking a load of toys up from a house. I was 2 black bags in my hands and I was wandering around trying to find my car, everyone disappeared and I started to panic. I felt really frustrated and upset but carried on looking for my car to suddenly suddenly realise I was actually driving it! Does this mean I felt lost and now I'm back on track?
Purememories - 28-Jul-17 @ 7:25 AM
@jasper - sounds like you are a bit disorganised currently and life is not going your way. And/or you are experiencing minor frustrations with both people not seeing your viewpoint and little niggles. Are you having frustrations at work - or with some other part of your life?
AGio - 27-Jul-17 @ 2:37 PM
I had a dream that i drove a car to a place were i met old friends and suddenly everybody started leaving but i couldn't find my car keys i looked every were but finally found it in a toilet but leter knowing the car belong to my uncle please i need an interpretaion thanks
jasper - 26-Jul-17 @ 9:33 AM
@Xty - cars mean control. If you are driving your car then you are in control (as long as you are driving the car well). If you are not in the car and someone else owns it, then you may feel someone else is controlling your life, or someone in your life currently has more power than you. Is the man driving the car a male rival currently? Or do you have a male rival currently? Anyhow, it sounds as though you will win if you do! Ange.
AGio - 25-Jul-17 @ 2:54 PM
I had a dream where I was walking a long distance to school(a short professional course) coz I didn't have any money on me for transport. On my way a particular blue coloured, very clean and almost new car drove past me but I recognized the person driving the car. And all of a sudden I remembered that it's my car; this guy came to borrow it for two days and had ended up being with the car for years. I had also completely forgotten that I owned a car, not to talk of lending it out to someone. I ran after the car, calling out and making signals for the guy to stop. He saw me and sped off, refusing to stop. I walked down to school. Fortunately, the guy was there to see the owner of the school (not knowing I school there). He was shocked to see me there. He immediately threw the car key on the table and started pleading. I screamed at him and angrily picked up my key and walked out. At this point I woke up from the dream. Would appreciate if I can get some explanations/interpretations. The dream is just stuck there in my memory, refusing to go away.
Xty - 25-Jul-17 @ 1:31 AM
@travaildesoir - fishes and turtles sound like lucky dreams. Amy <3
Ams - 18-Jul-17 @ 1:45 PM
I often dream that I find turtles. I walk along and find a turtle in a stream, along a ditch, in my backyard. I never loose a turtle. Sometimes I find like a dozen turtle at the same time. It's the same with fishes. I forgot that I had aquariums and when i go in the basement, i remember that I had aquarium with fish in them. Ans there are more fish that before.
travaildesoir - 18-Jul-17 @ 12:55 AM
@WD - is his marraige to his second wife messy and tangled? It sounds as though this might be a warning of messy disagreements to come, I hope not :(
Jessa - 17-Jul-17 @ 2:53 PM
I had a dream i found my fathers wedding band wrapped in alot of silver wire. It looked messy and tangled. He lost it several months ago. It is from his marriage from his second wife. I tried going to the parking lot he lost it in but no luck. I did find a plain little silver ring that resembles the silver wire in my dream. I'm back home and had this dream here. My dad is dying from stage 4 lung cancer. I know my mom, his first wife who passsd 30 years ago is here. What is your opinion of the dream?
WD - 16-Jul-17 @ 11:54 AM
@Happy - you are obviously feeling insecure about something to do with your boyfriend. Your insecurity may stem from your dad passing (especially if your dad has offered you lots of love and security over the years). You may be feeling that you have lost one man in your life and you don't want to lose another I'm sure it will pass - I hope it does. Angie.
AGio - 23-Jun-17 @ 3:49 PM
I only have these dream when my fiance go home and dreams is that me and my fiance.End broken up end up with someone els then guy hurt me and then before wake up end up wanted my fiance back.What it mean I dont know but I know been have hard time send my dad pass away and these dreams just start week a go dont know why. :(
Happy - 23-Jun-17 @ 11:30 AM
I dream that my boyfriend was avoiding me and when i seen him he would run away from me. I would chase after him on foot through crowds of people. But he would ignore me. As I search for his direction I came upon a Recruiter. I began talking to each other and he asked me for my number which I gave to him. He immediately called me as I was sitting next to him to see if I gave him a fake number. Of coarse my cell was on silent. But I showed him I did not lie about my number But that whole time I wanted my boyfriend to see me talking to another to make him jealous.He never seen and I woke up.
Jo - 4-Jun-17 @ 4:34 PM
I dreamt thay my bf and i are not talking to each other and suddenly he left. And the same time, i lost my purse and after searching for it, i found my purse and realised that my bf's cellphone is with me. But i was sure that he would come back for his phone
Bani - 15-Apr-17 @ 6:49 AM
*I often dream that I urinate or use restroom in a restroom with no walls or privacy. *shower in a bedroom. Can't find any interpretation for them . please help.
Wade - 3-Feb-15 @ 7:32 PM
I often use to see dreams...in which sometimes i miss my train or sometimes i forgot to take my mom before boarding the train or sometimes i am writing some exam and forgot to submit my answersheet. I have lost my husband just 1 1/2 yrs after my marriage.....during our courtship i always had this dream of loosing him....i used to cry a lot...
meenu - 24-May-14 @ 7:46 PM
a friend of mine told me about his dream. He said in his dream we were walking and when we stop there was a man beside me, he asked me if I know the guy and I said 'no' then I suddenly disappearin his eyes with the other guy. He said he searched for me in every houses to find me but he didn't not find me. pls interpret this, I'm confused.. thank you.
tin - 2-May-14 @ 9:27 PM
I sow a dream that i lose my one shoe and find not i try very hard .i m crying too much and worried.water raise on my bed but i m trying hard to find out my shoe which i can't find but instantly my place change and i found my same lost shoe i love my shoe and kiss it a lot.after this night i have breakup with my boy friend which i love him a lot and not think to spend life without him.now i want to know my shoe which i find out in my dream what is the meaning of that?
pinky - 8-Sep-13 @ 9:22 AM
I had a dream I was losing my mind! :/ very scary and frustrating! X
Kitty - 22-Mar-13 @ 10:19 AM
I had a dream that i lost my white duvet. but then in real life i actually started losing my possessions, since that dream i have lost my case of makeup and my cell phone. anyone know the significance of my dream?
LadyGaGa2 - 23-Oct-12 @ 6:51 PM
I had a dream i was in New York with a male "friend" during christmas and suddenly my co-workers were there my ex bestfriend my old classmates some family members immediately when i got into the mall i lost my pocket book then it was found but my debit card was missing, and then i lost my "friend" searched all over couldnt find him the mall was closing couldnt find him... In the end someone told me my mom wanted 20$ she was walking as if she was in pain but said she was ok just her leg bothering her, i only had 10$ being that someone stole my card most vivid dream i ever had
Sunshine - 17-Aug-12 @ 3:00 PM
I had a dream last night of loosing my sister in a big house,we set of our different ways and got trapped into going either way,She is my twin,does this make anything different?
jordan - 8-Jun-12 @ 8:18 AM
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