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Dreams of Losing or Finding Something

By: Libby Pelham BA - Updated: 8 Oct 2017 | comments*Discuss
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Dreams of losing something or someone can be very frustrating. You may awake feeling exhausted and aggravated after having spent what felt like the entire night looking for whatever you lost. In contrast you may awake from a dream in which you found something or someone feeling refreshed and peaceful. Both of these dreams are very common, but you need to examine them closer to truly understand their meanings.

Losing Something
Many people dream of losing every day items that are important to them – a vehicle, purse, or wallet. Without these items, they may feel lost. Not being able to find them is very exasperating.

A dream of losing something can have several meanings. One is that you feel overwhelmed and distracted with day-to-day life. This dream may be telling you that it is time to clean up and reorganise your life, not just of material things, but also of things that keep you on the run all day. Another meaning is that the lost item in your dream is actually symbolic of a lost opportunity, relationship, or part of yourself. This dream can occur when going through a big change, such as losing your job or the end of a relationship. Yet another, more common meaning of a dream of losing something is that you fear losing something in life that is important to you. This can include personal property such as your home, expensive jewellery, or family heirlooms.

The important thing to think about is what did you lose in your dream and what significance does it hold to you? Is this item really important or is it just a perceived importance? Is there anything you can do to assure that this thing is not lost? If you dream of losing personal property such as your home, it may make you feel at ease to know the property is insured, just in case of loss.

You may also dream of losing a person. If it is someone you know, how is this person important to you? You may be sensing during waking hours that they are emotionally pulling away from you, but you do not want to allow yourself to think about it. If this is a spouse or partner, they may be exhibiting subtle hints that they are not as committed to you as you would like them to be. If it is a parent, you may be worried about their health. If your mother or father has had health issues lately, even if it is nothing serious, you may dream you have lost them in the house or a public place. This is symbolic of your fear of losing them to death.

If the person lost in your dream is your spouse or partner, you might want to analyse your relationship to see where it is really going. It may help to talk to them to see if you can find out how they are feeling.

Finding Something
When you dream of finding something, you may actually be coming into contact with some aspect of yourself. You may have repressed this part of your psyche, but may find it in a dream. This can actually be a freeing experience if you finally realise that the part of you that you have found can now be presented during waking hours.

Some people believe that dreaming of finding gold is a good omen. It may be symbolic of actually finding hidden treasure within you as gold is symbolic of life, warmth, and well-being.

If you dream that you find your spouse or partner, it may be identifying new areas of your relationship. Has your relationship with this person grown or intensified lately? If so, your dream may be telling you that your relationship has gone to a new level.

Dreaming of finding something is rarely annoying, but dreaming of losing something or someone can be infuriating. Take inventory of your relationship with this person to see how the relationship has changed lately and what can be done to help ease your mind of actually losing this person in waking hours.

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@Seagull - it sounds like you are doing some serious soul-searching in your private, as well as your subconcious life. But, it does mean you are also exploring different, new and exciting things. It also sounds as though you are moving away from a period of your old life and into a new phase or chapter and leaving behind what has been familiar. There is always an aspect of sadness when we move away from a part of our life. A lot will depend on your current situation and connecting it in somehow. It is always difficult to predict what a dream means without knowing the back story - only you can connect your exterior life to your subconscious. It sounds like a nice dream though - with good prospects and you will be expanding your mind and intelligence more. Perhaps you are shedding a skin and moving on into a magical new period.
AngieG - 5-Oct-17 @ 12:59 PM
I had a dream where i had to collect all sorts of things , crocodiles, flowers , manny different things. Than i saw this things inside a lage seethrough pot or something more flat than that. They were all inside whater. And I was doing this to open a portal or some kind of third eye. Also not very clear but when i entered a dimension of search full of rooms I sometimes thought i wad naked. Anyhow there was the order of mayas and that would halp in finding the truth about something important amd I could find the order in this demention. There was a crpun like a hat of thouse figures in egypt that were tall and straight and a white dress. But it wasnt me who wore them but a different unknown female . While me, i was asled if I wanted to start life all over , forget about my life now and live happily starting as a baby again Aparwntly the reason why i was making the pot. But at the moment of the question I felt sad. I thought about mom dad,brother, a fous person whome I like and I thought to myself I didnt want to forget this people amd desapear from their lifes and not know what happened to them. So I said no
Seagull - 4-Oct-17 @ 9:17 AM
@LilyEmma - If it was a satisfying dream, then this in itself is something to feel good about and is a nice omen in itself. You might find that you start experiencing little rewards or feel good about life in general or feel good about helping those close to you.
AngieG - 3-Oct-17 @ 3:31 PM
@Dullone - do you feel insecure in anyway? Or feel that you need to protect something or someone who is vulnerable in your life? You might feel threatened in some way and are trying to protect something or someone you feel you might lose.
AGio - 3-Oct-17 @ 10:42 AM
I dreamt that I was shopping with my mum and as we were leaving through a lift a bottle of conditioning shampoo fell out of my bag and through the elevators gap in the floor. I realised that I could get this back by taking a flight of stairs and got to the bottom where I found the bottle. I then started to uncover other lost items people had left like phones, new make-up, car keys, etc. A rather odd yet satisfying dream but I wonder if it could have some significance? Thank you :)
LilyEmma - 2-Oct-17 @ 11:48 PM
Cherise - Your Question:
I dreamed I was moving in a apartment it has a lot of rooms my ex was there I have no idea why some strange kids and a refrigartor full of ants and could not find my bed no where

Our Response:
It sounds like mixed fortunes in this dream. Moving into a new apartment means you have psychologically moved on or are trying to. Plus, because there are a lot of rooms it means your mind is expanding and is full of possible options. However, much depends upon what you felt with regards to your ex being there. Are you unable to move on for some reason? Are there things that he is doing which is spoiling the chances of getting on with your new life? It's difficult to interpret without knowing how you felt with regards to your ex being present.
AnalyseDreams - 2-Oct-17 @ 2:10 PM
Driving alone at night, near my home, see a smallish dog in the road ahead about 30 yards, coming towards me/crossing the road. There are no other cars on the road as its late night/early morning.Its unusual to see a dog by itself at night here, so i guess somethings up and pull to the side of the road to see whats happened. It's a scotty dog type (are they terriers?) and as i get out of the car i see another dog of the same type kind of hiding in bushes, quite wary of me. Both have collars on, both seem wary and scared, both are very dirty. Im trying to talk and reassure them, thinking i can find their address on their collar or something. Suddenly i hear malevoices and as i look up there are 2 guys a few hundred yards up the road walking quickly towards me. They look and sound quite aggressive though i dont know what they're saying. I hurriedly try to get the dogs in the car. They're coming faster now. Im panicing, trying to get away. I THINK i got the dogs in to the car, or the friendlier first one anyway, i'm not sure. The guys are almost at me now.... then i woke up.
Dullone - 2-Oct-17 @ 6:02 AM
I dreamed I was moving in a apartment it has a lot of rooms my ex was there I have no idea why some strange kids and a refrigartor full of ants and could not find my bed no where
Cherise - 30-Sep-17 @ 4:48 PM
@Marz - I'm not sure this means anything unless there is a background story. Sometimes, we have random dreams that don't have an explanation, other times they mean something . We generally know inside if they have a significant meaning and then we can try to read them ourselves.
AngieG - 28-Sep-17 @ 4:06 PM
I went to place with my friends. . Then one of my friend told that one guy was searching for me for a long time.. but when I'm there he didn't speak up.. just keep looking on me...I know this guys I saw his face on my dream...
Marz - 28-Sep-17 @ 10:09 AM
@sammy - do you not know the father of your son? Or have you not seen him for a long time? Maybe subconsciously you would like to see the father of your child and it is wishful thinking. When you have a child with someone, you quite naturally are interested in what might have happened to them, or what they are doing with their lives now. It doesn't have to be a profound wish to know, just a passing one.
AngieG - 22-Sep-17 @ 3:48 PM
I was on a vacation this summer in another country and lost my things in there...And today I had a dream that I found those things or it seemed like I never left them there... I felt so relieved, but then I woke up
ghstkorean - 22-Sep-17 @ 1:44 PM
Hi? I always dream that things are lost in my dream even if i dont have that thing in real life. Two, I dream that I am finding the father of my son. Whats the meaning of this please?
sammy - 22-Sep-17 @ 2:37 AM
@Manda - Yes, this more than likely triggered the dream. Although you might have had a row and your b/f threatened to leave, by the fact he was afraid and scared he couldn't help you or get to you, means he doesn't want to lose you deep down. But at the same time he feels he cannot communicate with you or fully reach you and/or make you understand how he feels about a particular issue. But he does care about you.
AngieG - 21-Sep-17 @ 12:59 PM
@annadelosreyes - if you can't always find him in your dreams this might mean you are actually subconciously frightened of losing him?
AngieG - 21-Sep-17 @ 12:53 PM
Hi I always dream about me finding my boyfriend..we've been together for almost 7 years but I always keep on dreaming about me finding him in certain places.but I don't always find him in my dreams. but I can really say he loves me and I love him very much. I can't take the fact that I can't find him always :( it makes me sad whenever I have a dream like that.
annadelosreyes - 20-Sep-17 @ 4:09 PM
My boyfriend had a dream that we where in a long blue hallway some place we havenever beem before. As i was calling out for him he wasnt able to get to me or open the door to where he thought i was. He said it was scary, an he was afraid, not for him but scared he couldnt help me. What could this mean? Before the dream we got into a fight to where he was going to leave. Could that have triggered this dream?
Manda - 19-Sep-17 @ 4:55 PM
@ABC - Yes, absolutely. It's not a perfect situation (I presume) and your partner is feeling pretty insecure and perhaps a little fearful of the future. The fact you were with him and both of you were separated from the children means he knows he has you onside - but as you say he is powerless to connect with his children and can almost feel them slipping away. The fact he hates boats and water was on one means that he feels the situation is precarious and in reality he'd rather have his feet on emotional solid, ground so to speak.
AGio - 14-Sep-17 @ 11:21 AM
My partner and I are currently packing up our house and are moving into separate accommodation (I'm moving into a friends for free, and he's renting a caravan as he has kidsevery other weekend and dogs) we are doing this so we can save money to buy our own house. I can not move into the caravan due to a recent operation. He had a dream last night that we were in a boat (my partner, me and his two youngest children) my partner hates water. Myself and my partner left the two children to go to he toilet however we couldn't find them when coming back it didn't matter what doors we opened or where we walked we always ended up in the same place and couldn't get to where we left the children. This left us in his dream in massive distress and panic. Recently he has had trouble with the two youngest mother, as he isn't able to reach them on the phone during ge times he doesn't have them. Could this dream be linked to that? Could it be that he feels he is losing his children and has no control over the situation. I find this very distressing for him and want to know how to help as it's clearing messing up his kind if he's dreaming about it too
ABC - 13-Sep-17 @ 8:50 AM
@REBS - You are obviously feeling insecure in some way and feel either alone, cast out or left out for some reason. Are you subconsciously nervous of a personal or work situation that could lead you to feel insecure? Are you unemployed currently? This sounds as though this is a directly relatable situation, so if you think hard enough you may find the answer of why you feel this way. I imagine the dream made you feel nervous about a situation - you just have to think of the specific situation that it could be.
AGio - 11-Sep-17 @ 11:37 AM
@Esh - this is difficult to fathom without knowing your inner feelings and personal situation that it could be related to. Are you getting married? Do you want to protect your relationship with your other half for some reason?
AGio - 11-Sep-17 @ 11:30 AM
I had a dream that my cousins have found jobs,but I didn't and I felt disappointed in my dream as I was walking alone in the street.what could that mean?
REBS - 11-Sep-17 @ 6:58 AM
I dreamt that there was 2 expert in a place of latest technology. One of them had a vry important chip which have very important information saved in the chip. He saw his enemy inside thn he tried 2 run away 2 secure the chip but the enemy closed all the door with a remote. Suddenly I was transformed in the one securing the chip. There was a small space in which there was no glass and as I'm small physically I could have run away with the chip through the space. The enemy was chasing me. Then I could run fast to hide in a dark place I put the chip in a plastic then I dig the soil to put the chip inside and covered it. Then I covered myself with some leaves to hide. When the enemy's team is trying to track the chip, they couldn't track it as there's no network under the soil and was raining. Finally I was feeling relief that I was able to hide my wedding card under the soil and no one will be able to get it. What does this mean? (my wedding card under the soil? Is that something positive?)
Esh - 10-Sep-17 @ 5:18 AM
@Xty - these sound like good omens. There is nothing that is going to come in your way of getting back on your feet. In other words you are happy to role up your sleeves and do everything you can to get out of your current position. The fact you are subconsciously thinking of scaling heights is also a good omen - meaning you are planning on going upwards. For instance, if you were forced to work in a mine then this would have very different negative connotations (i.e going downhill). Going upwards is always a good sign in a dream. The fact you are wearing man's clothing and are prepared to get stuck in whatever the job, is positive. I'm sure you'll be OK. It may take time, but you are on the right road of thought. We make our own paths in life, we can sink or swim and it sounds as though you are determined to swim :) Dreams are basically the subconscious sending us messages, they are easy to interpret when we look closely.
AngieG - 1-Sep-17 @ 12:10 PM
Thanks so much @AngieG, its getting clearer now. I had a good life 4years ago that really crumbled and I believe these dreams are pictures of my future. Had a dream 4 few days ago where I gained employment and had to even choose from 2 different offers. I rejected one of the offers because my sister was already working there. But the puzzle is that I was completely dressed like a man going for a field job that has to do with heights. I had all these spanners and other working tools(don't even know the names of the tools) around my waist, ready for work. I wonder what this means too?
Xty - 31-Aug-17 @ 6:48 PM
@Xty - it's unusual to have such nice dreams when you are struggling i.e the first two dreams, both which are money related and sound as though you have been or will be blessed at some point with good fortune. It's hard to say whether they may be wishful thinking and you're harking back to an earlier time. The third one is understandable, as if you are being pooped upon from on high, so that would fit in with your present circumstances and insecurities. Did you have a nice life and then it's all crumbled? You would have to try to analyse what you think the connection between the three dreams are (as they sound as though they are connected whether past, future or present). So, it's either you had a nice life and then it's crumbled, or you're having a bad time but there is hope (i.e the first two dreams are like blessings and being given things to get you out of the mire), or choronologically you had hope or hope to be saved from a situation and now you are concerned the hope may not materialise (due to the third dream). I hope things work out for you<3
AngieG - 31-Aug-17 @ 4:12 PM
@AngieG, thanks. But could this be referring to the future? coz we are presently struggling in a pool of debt due to failed businesses with loss of jobs.
Xty - 31-Aug-17 @ 12:49 PM
@Xty - both dream one and two show a certain amount of control over your life, that you don't have many financial worries and you are also blessed in other ways. Dream three shows you are harbouring some insecurity that could spoil your stress-free life, only you know what this is?
AngieG - 31-Aug-17 @ 12:35 PM
Dream 1 - I had a dream where a Pastor's wife and her manager paid their tithes to me. I knew the exact amount in each of the envelopes as they handed them over to me separately. What could this mean pls? Dream 2: I just dozed off for a few minutes and saw just from the hip down to the feet of a lady that dropped a beautiful stripped multicoloured bag that contained plenty beautifully wrapped gifts. She dropped it right in front of me on the bed and walked away. Wondering what this means. Dream 2: Saw myself in an entirely different house with my husband and kids. I got dressed to go out only to be drenched with poops like rain, both on my way out and on my return. This dream got me worried.
Xty - 29-Aug-17 @ 5:50 PM
i! Me and my boyfriend almost broke up the night when the dream came. During the dream he felt scared. The dream was about him with his friends on a plane which then landed. He was left behind by his friends as he was looking for his missing shoe but he couldn't find it. Then he found things he has thrown before like shoes and other things. He felt that something bad might happen. Thank you for reading. I really want to know what it means.
Joyful - 22-Aug-17 @ 5:44 PM
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    I had a dream where i had to collect all sorts of things , crocodiles, flowers , manny different things. Than i saw…
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    @LilyEmma - If it was a satisfying dream, then this in itself is something to feel good about and is a nice omen in…
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    @Dullone - do you feel insecure in anyway? Or feel that you need to protect something or someone who is vulnerable in…
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