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Unforgettable Dreams

By: Libby Pelham BA - Updated: 3 Feb 2018 | comments*Discuss
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Chances are you have had at least one dream in your lifetime that was unforgettable. Some can make us awake feeling refreshed and rejuvenated but many make us wake up feeling shaken or frightened. But, regardless of how we feel, these are dreams we remember. Why are these dreams so powerful? What are they trying to tell us? After all, there is usually a message behind a dream. Most dreams do not just happen. Our subconscious takes in everything that happens to us and processes it in our dreams so that we might take notice of something that has otherwise gone ignored.

When you have an unforgettable dream, you may immediately know what it is about or you may be confused as to why you had this dream. The following interpretations may help you understand the dream, but be sure to gauge this information against what is happening in your life as well as what your feelings are in certain situations.

Discovering Unused Rooms
In this dream, you are in your home. It probably looks a bit different, but you know it is your home. You start going through it when you suddenly discover a room that hasn’t been used in years. Once you walk in, you remember the room, but you had forgotten it even existed. You feel great about the prospect of cleaning it up and enjoying it. You may wake up feeling happy and warm, having found this new room.

This dream is a reminder that you have set something you loved aside. In the dream, the house is symbolic of you and the room is symbolic of something – a talent, a hobby, an interest – that you discarded for whatever reason. Over time, you completely forgot about it. But the dream is reminding you of how happy it made you feel, so maybe you should consider taking it up again.

Escaping a Tornado
In this dream, you are at home with family or friends, when you see a tornado in the distance. No one else seems to know what to do, so it is all on you to hustle everyone to safety. This dream can by symbolic of an emotional storm. It can be a conflict you have recently experienced with someone, yet often, this is a reoccurring dream due to something that happened earlier in life. Look at your life to see if you are having problems at work or in your current relationship. Consider what might be causing unrest. Think about your life and see if you are the person always in control – trying to fix things and take care of everyone. If so, it may be very stressful and causing this type of dream.

Naked in Public
One of the most embarrassing dreams you may have is that of being naked in public. Most people have experienced some type of variation of this dream in their lifetime. The dream has to do with your self-image and how you feel others view you. It is ironic, but this dream can occur not only when you are feeling down about yourself, but also when you have experienced a happy event such as a promotion or new romance. The positive side of this dream is that while you may feel exposed, as if everyone can see your every weakness, the people in your dream usually do not notice that you are nude. This can help you understand that your waking fears are probably unjustified.

Unable to Move
When you dream you are unable to move, it is often when you are being chased by someone or trying to get out of the way of something. But try as you might, you simply cannot move. This dream is a sign of inner conflict that usually results when you are in a situation in which you are not comfortable or willing to take a certain action. For example, you may want to end your relationship, but you do not want to hurt the other person. Or you may want to confront your boss about something, but feel as if that would be disrespectful.

A Break-In
In this dream, you hear a burglar trying to get into your house. He may be jiggling the doorknob as you race to make sure the door is locked. In some dreams, the burglar even makes it into the house and chases you through it. This dream is a signal that something strange has invaded your life. The house is representative of your life and the burglar is this strange new thing coming in. Again, this can be related to your workplace or relationship. While during waking hours, we may view a new job or relationship as a positive thing, our subconscious may notice underlying issues that may cause problems.

Certain unforgettable dreams may be terrifying, but remember that your subconscious is just trying to bring a situation to the forefront so you can pay attention to it and address it. We often think that ignoring a problem is the best thing to do, but our dreams remind us we must confront problems to be truly healthy.

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@Charllotte- perhaps you are portraying you perfect love interest into your dream, a strong, caring, good looking man that you can have fun with. However, this man is a fantasy man and does not exist in real life. Or if he does, not in quite the way he is portrayed in your dream. It might be that you are not satisfied with your current life and feel there are things you have missed out on, or could miss out on, or you are just yearning for some excitement. The man might be symbolic of all that you currently do not have. But, as life is never perfect, you just have to try to get as near as that as you can. So, it might be that some changes are needed in your life to help you reach the goals and ambitions you want for yourself.
AngieG - 5-Feb-18 @ 2:10 PM
I’ve had this dream a long time ago, but somehow, I still remember it like it was last night’s dream. I dreamt that I was in a tropical place, and I met a guy. A guy of whom I don’t recognize in the waking life. He had long brown hair, brown eyes, chiseled jaw, well kept facial hair, etc. He almost looked like an older version of Tarzan. Anyway, in my dream, or at least the part I remember the most, is the fun we had. I remember we went sliding in this water slide that exited as a waterfall. We both splashed onto the water and watched little kids do the same. I have no idea who these little kids were but for some reason, he watched them as if he cared deeply for them. In my dream, I trust this guy like I’ve never trusted one in the waking life. He made me happy, loved and comfortable. Then i woke up by my alarm, and I haven’t been able to forget about it since then. I was frustrated when I woke up cause’ I wanted to see how the dream would end. I don’t know what this means.
Charllotte - 3-Feb-18 @ 7:30 AM
pam - Your Question:
I dreamt I was a courier deliverer I didn't know the area so kept getting lost and delivering wrong parcels to wrong places. On one delivery a few ppl were trying to distract me while some men tried to take parcels out the back of the van. Can anyone help and explain what it means please

Our Response:
When you are a driver of a car, in a dream, how you drive the car is representative of how in control you are of your life. If you drive the car smoothly, then things are running smoothly, if you are driving erratically then you are less in control. If someone else is driving and you are the passenger, then it means that person is taking the reins in your life. The fact you have the added job of delivering parcels and not delivering them properly may mean you are under a bit of stress currently. Are things not going the way you'd like? Are you finding day-to-day tasks or work tasks difficult to cope with? Have you started a new job and are having to learn a lot? Is the prospect of Christmas and getting everything done worrying you? The fact that you kept getting lost and delivering the wrong parcels could mean that you feel you are making mistakes because of added pressures. Take time out to put yourself and your tasks in order and you'll be fine.
AnalyseDreams - 13-Nov-15 @ 12:28 PM
I dreamt I was a courier deliverer I didn't know the area so kept getting lost and delivering wrong parcels to wrong places. On one delivery a few ppl were trying to distract me while some men tried to take parcels out the back of the van. Can anyone help and explain what it means please
pam - 12-Nov-15 @ 2:53 PM
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