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Native American Dream Analysis: Iroquois

By: Libby Pelham BA - Updated: 21 Jul 2018 | comments*Discuss
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Most Native American tribes have always held dreams in high regard and given them much respect. To them, dreams are very spiritual and a way of gaining great insight and wisdom as well as guidance for day-to-day life. Most Native Americans believed ancestral spirits would visit them between the hours of midnight and 2:00 a.m. (which may have been during the deepest stages of sleep) to offer them guidance.

A Strong Influence
The Iroquois felt very strongly that dreams guided all aspects of their lives – hunting, fighting, even marriage. Dreaming had a big affect on their proceedings during war. If one person had a dream of failure before a battle, they would retreat, viewing the dream as an omen. French missionaries noted that the Iroquois totally submitted themselves to their dreams. Believing the dreams were concealed instructions from their soul, they felt obligated to live out what they dreamed or feel an overwhelming sense of guilt. Through their dreams, they felt they could contact their highest sacred power, Orenda.

To ignore their dreams was madness to them, sure to result in disaster. It also went against the wishes of the god within. They felt dreams could heal them, curing both physical diseases and mental illnesses. The Iroquois would often act out their dreams with those involved in the dream. They would tell others about their dreams, known as dreamsharing, as a way to understand and interpret the dream.

The Iroquois also held several festivals related to dreams and the dream world. The False Face Society festival was an important healing ritual in which the members wore wooden masks in order to invoke the dream world. Members were either those healed by the society or those who dreamed they should be a member. Another important Iroquois festival that focused on dreams was the Midwinter Festival. The Midwinter Festival was held around New Years and featured dreamsharing, dream interpretation, and dream renewal. The men of the Iroquois tribe often ventured out themselves in search of particularly powerful dreams. The men would fast for a period of time, sometimes as long as thirty days, in hopes of having a powerful vision or dream.

Making Note
The importance of dreams to the Iroquois has oft been documented through the years. One example is that of Chief Cornplanter of the Seneca Iroquois. He had a dream that he did not quite understand, so he asked members of his community for interpretation. One such interpreter told Cornplanter that his name was now Onono and he was to give up his position as chief. Chief Cornplanter was convinced this was the correct interpretation and handed his tomahawk and wampum to a friend, thus making him chief. It is said that Cornplanter never regretted his decision, feeling it restored harmony with the Great Spirit.

Another documented case of dream importance to the Iroquois was the dream of Ely Parker’s mother, Elizabeth. Ely Parker was an Iroquois chief who ended up drafting the final terms of surrender for the Civil War. When Elizabeth was still pregnant with Ely, the young Iroquois woman had a dream that she did not understand. It was that of a broken rainbow. She visited a dream interpreter who told her she was pregnant with a son and that son would be a very wise and great peacemaker.

Native Americans such as the Iroquois saw dreams as real and felt real life was often the illusion. Perhaps it would be in our best interest to take note of their beliefs and give our dreams more credit in helping guide our lives to a healthier place.

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I was at a powwow, my sister and her family were down. It was very stormy out, and the wind was strong. There was an invisible spirit trying to play and dance with my nephew Kali. He touched him a few times lifting him up while no one was looking but I caught it, i was able to get to him before it got worse. He had him in his hands, levitating the kid in the air lifting him up. He wouldn't go away. I ended up having to work faster, I had to smudge and say a prayer in each corner of their room. I found it, saw it last under the bed, it was black, shiny, Evil, scales, not regular skin, it looked shiny like a beetles skin, it looked like a demon. I saw it's eyes, and I had finished smudging and praying, It had long hands and a tall body like a man, it was smiling at me because it was still trying. It wanted my nephew Kali. The spirit didn't say nothing to me but it tried for a long time to get to my nephew.
Dream - 21-Jul-18 @ 12:15 PM
I keep having nightmares about believe it or not freddy kruger and some monster following me and trying to go where I go. They are always together each time getting closer and closer. This lastime freddy spoke to me he said "only a dream" The creature was holding a bloodsoaked sweetgrass braid in one hand and a piece of pine in the other. What does it mean?
littlerunningdeer - 2-Jan-16 @ 8:21 PM
I dreamt there was a pow wow or some sort of festival in our town. My husband and I wanted to attend. I went to get my husband but I only found his glasses. Then I saw this beautifully dressed Indian walking down the street alone. He was wearing all black with a black head dress that touched the ground as he walked. I was in awe and felt I had to follow him. In my mind I thought he'd lead me to the event but I just kept following him, then I woke up. The next afternoon I took our trash outside to find a preying mantis sitting on top of the trash can. Any thoughts on this? I dream I just rarely remember them. Thank you in advance for your guidance.
Trace - 12-Sep-14 @ 2:25 AM
My dream was pretty weird. I met who I think was my ancestor. He looked like me yet native american. He had long hair pulled back in a pony tail and wide eyes. He even acted like me somewhat. I made a joke, he made a joke. He did a silly face, i did a silly face. And then what I don't get is he called me a Heyoka. I had a similar dream about heyoka earlier too. I really am confused could someone interpret this?
Shakalaka - 28-May-14 @ 9:16 PM
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